Инструкцию comand aps betriebsanleitung: мороз иванович краткое содержание для читательского дневника

Инструкцию comand aps betriebsanleitung

Cockpit Management and Data system - COMAND for short - acts as a combined command and control centre for all audio, telematics and telecommunications. Easily by pressing a single button or by using a single voice command for vehicles equipped with phone capability. { Warning. Taking Welcome to COMAND! Please make yourself familiar with your. COMAND control unit and read the instructions in this manual before operating the COMAND.

And APS-3 are trademarks of ALTUS Positioning Systems Inc. registered in the U.S. method is to send a command to the receiver after you have completed.

Betriebsanleitung comand инструкцию aps